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Full Face Shield

This flexible facial shield covers a large part of the face, especially the eyes, nose and mouth, thus minimizing the face’s exposure to direct droplet projections.

45.200+ sold in US & Europe



Face Cover for you and your Team


Bulk price: $85.00

Guardface Face Shield is a reusable, flexible and adjustable full face visor that covers the face and neck area, especially the eyes, nose and mouth, from biological fluid splashes.

Transparent and lightweight, this 9.5” face shield is easy to clean and comfortable to wear. 

Important: For any information regarding precaution of usegeneral safety instructions, warning & disclaimer, please download and read the Guardface Face Shield INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE datasheet.



Made of Transparent & Flexible Vinyl, Guardface Face visors can be bent without cracking.

Lightweight & Strong

Weighing only 2.5 oz, Guardface is a lightweight sturdy face shield, easy to wear all day.


Guardface face visors are compatible with prescription glasses, goggles, masks, ball caps, and construction helmets.


Guardface Face shields can be manually cleaned with warm soapy water or cleansing products suitable for glasses


The adjustable strap of Guardface Face shield fits perfectly any head shape/size and maximizes comfort.


Guardface Face Visor covers a large part of the face and the neck from biological fluid droplets.

Suitable for work, commercial, transportation environments

Designed for Outdoor Workforce

Workers are able to wear Guardface Face Shield with any construction helmets and other safety hard hats.
Light and comfortable, this flexible and transparent visor offers the perfect face cover for the whole day.

Care for your Workforce


Delivery personnel may be exposed to biological fluid splashes while moving freight and other cargo. Guardface Face Shield offers a flexible, lasting and versatile cover, ideal for all logistics and transportation workforce.

Preserve your Carriers

Ideal for Customer Care

Thanks to its transparent face visor, Guardface Face Shield offers cover for workers with high-frequency interaction with the general public.
An affordable, lightweight and reusable protective mask to be used daily by hospitality and retail workers.

Safe Guard your Customer Care Team

Trust is Everything

Guardface Face Shield allows workers to be focused at work without thinking about risk and uncertainty. This protective device, already used in Europe and in the US to cover the facial area from splashes, sprays, and spatter of biological fluids.
It is compatible with face masks, glasses or protective goggles without generating fog.

They Trust Guardface for their team

Our warehouse agents interact everyday with many people. With everything that has happened recently during the public health crisis, we knew we had to better protect our employees. We equipped them with the Guardface shield. They really feel way more secure at work now.

– Ben S. - Warehouse Manager

I own a Gardening & Landscape design company. Wearing the Guardface full face shield while mowing and trimming, makes our daily work safer. I highly recommend it.

– John W. - Gardening & Landscape company Owner

It is great protection for our outdoor workers. They love it !

– Jane T. - Forrester Building Co.

I bought some Guardface shields for the catering service workers of my company. Best decision ever.

– Vanessa H. - Food Hygiene & Safety Manager

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