GuardFace, Face Covering Solution from Guardtex Inc.

Guardface, Face Protection Solutions from Guardtex Inc.

Our History: 

Industrial Design for the Most Demanding Environments  

Guardface is the creation of Thierry Plagué, the CEO and Head of Research and Development of Guardtex inc, a Chicago, Illinois based company.

Specialized in design, production, and installation of protective technical fabrics for the aircraft, defense, marine and safety industry. Guardtex is an industrial leader delivering the highest quality standard in the most demanding environments.

Since 2012, Thierry and his team have designed technical solutions - tested in some of the most extreme conditions - to protect and cover special equipment from splashes.

Guardface Face Shield inherited all the company's expertise in cutting edge materials and industrial safety devices.
Thanks to its crystal clear vinyl visor, Guardface is a safe and trustworthy covering face solution.

Our vision :

Full Face shield. Easy to Clean. Comfortable to Wear.

We dreamt of the perfect face shield for all types of workers users. A full face shield to be used again and again, and easy to wash and disinfect.

With an adjustable strap that adjusts comfortably any head shape and size, and a soft neoprene patch on the forehead that gives extra comfort. A face shield that makes you feel at ease all day long.

Then, we created it.

Our mission :

Caring for your Colleagues, Customers... and Covering You. 

Guardface offers employers a unique solution that keeps workplaces, the workforce and general public safe and healthy.

In the wake of  our recent global disease outbreak, the face shield by Guardtex adds a layer of personal protective equipment (PPE) at work for employees engaging in high-frequency, close contact interaction with the general public.

Our goal is to provide a piece of covering gear that will aid in keeping both the workforce and customers/patients safe.