Care For the Ones Who Need It the Most. Make a Face Shield Donation!

Face Shields Donation for Care Givers

To an Unprecedented Challenge...

In the unprecedented challenge the communities and economies everywhere are facing in 2020, caring others is one of the first steps to successfully overcome it. Besides protecting our family, relatives and loved ones, we think about the numerous individuals and organizations who are facing the immediate threat.

Whether they are front line caregivers, the workerse assisting the elders, veterans and persons in need, all need to be properly equipped to perform their duties in the best conditions.

...An Extraordinary Response

In a personal protective equipment (PPE) supply shortage situation, the reusable and easy to disinfect Guardface Face Shield adds a layer of protection at work. Being a proven solution to keep the workplace and the workforce safe, it is used by many organizations to protect their colleagues, customers, patients and others.

As many haelthcar or caring organizations are having trouble accessing suitable personal protective face coverings, we created a Face Shield Donation Program

They need to be protected to care for others; 
They need to stay well in order to continue protecting the others.

So help us to protect our caregivers.

Donate Face Shields to the Organization of your Choice!

How to Donate?

To send the caregivers of your choice your love and our reusable face shields, simply follow the 3 steps below:

1- Select one of the 2 Donation options


+10 Free

2- Enter your email and the shipping address for the organization of your choice

I addition to entering  your email address, please share the name of a representative as well as the precise address of the organization of your choice. You can normally find the correct contact & address details by visiting the donation recipient’s website.

Want to hel but don't know who to give face shields to? Just Select an organization from the Charity Navigator index

If you would like, you may insert a message like "Thank you to the whole team. You are our heroes!" to the organization in the comment section. 

3- Type "Donation" in the coupon code field during checkout

Just before paying, enter the coupon code "Donation" in the discount field on our checkout page. By using this code, we will know your order is a donation and will make the necessary arrangements to ship in a timely fashion.

That's it!

Next? Spread the Caring word!

Only if we all work together can we help protect more caregivers. 
Be sure to spread the word about your donation and invite othe people to become a Guardface donor. 
Share a picture of you or of your company with #IGaveAGuardFace on your favorite social media platform to be included on our "hall of caring fame" list.