Guardface Face Shield


Bulk price: $85.00

Guardface Face Shield by GUARDTEX Inc. is a flexible, reusable, durable and adjustable full face shield covering the face and the neck area to minimize the face’s exposure to direct droplet projections or biological splashes.

Safe: It simultaneously covers a large part of the face, in including the eyes, nose and mouth, from direct droplet splashes or splatter.

Convenient: Guardface Face Shield is compatible with face masks, prescription glasses or protective goggles, with adequate airflow, it generates no fog.

Versatile:  Guardface Face Shield is suitable for professional use, especially for persons in high exposure contact with the general public, like in commercial spaces or retailer stores.
It is also convenient for using on construction sites or outdoors since it is compatible with construction helmets or baseball type hats 

Light & Comfortable: Made of crystal clear vinyl, it is attached with an adjustable strap for the ease of use all day long. A neoprene patch on the forehead gives extra comfort.

Washable & Reusable: Guardface Flexible Face Shield by GUARDTEX Inc. is reusable since it can be properly cleaned with non-abrasive disinfectant or sanitizing products.

The Guardface face shield is sold in Bulk quantities of 10 or 100 units only.
Purchase of individual units is not available.

Additional specifications:

  • One size fits all, adjustable
  • Dimensions : 9.8 inches x Height 9.8 inches
  • Unit weight : 2.47 Ounces
  • Storage : Low profile, flat storage
  • Made in Chicago, Illinois, USA 
    Guardface Face Shields are Made in the USA
  • Composition, material :
    • Clear Vinyl 
    • Self-gripping hook and loop side bands connected to a fabric support band on the base of the skull
    • Neoprene comfort band on the forehead

Maintenance tips
Clean the face shield before and after each use.
Essentially requires the same care as regular glasses. Manual cleaning with warm soapy water.
#IMPORTANT In an epidemic context, disinfect with a virucide.

Do not bend. Do not Scratch. Do not expose to excessive heat, high temperature or abrasive chemicals.

#IMPORTANT For any information regarding precaution of use, general safety instructions, warning & disclaimer, please download and read the Guardface Face Shield INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE datasheet